Home page

The home page displays a list of modules available.


On the top right corner of the app, there is a drop-down list where you can:

  1. Update your nickname and country
  2. Change your password
  3. Logout


You will see a list of students sorted by their ranking, where their ranks is based on their total score.

You can click on the names of each student to see their details and possibly the breakdown of their scores

Scoring Scheme

There are two main scoring components: SPE(ed), which is made up of tasks which have strict time constraints and DIL(igence), which is made up of tasks that can be completed over a longer period of time .

The SPE(ed) and DIL(igence) components are further divided into sub-components based on the module.


Kattis points and ranks will be updated periodically

Students who are logged in

Once you are logged in, you will be able to:

  • View your percentile or rank if it is not already made public.